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Research Interests


Current research interests are in the application of the operations research, advanced quantitative analytics, econometrics to investigating complex systems, data sets and processes for the advancement of the health care system and informing health policy through empirical evidence.

Strategic Areas of Interest

·        Modelling and simulation of complex systems, data sets and processes.

·        Decision-making under uncertainty. Evaluation (measurement) errors.

·        Applied econometrics. Health economics. Computational econometrics.

·        Computational finance and economics.

·        Economic evaluation. Health technology assessment.

·        Economics of information (information economics).

·        Value of data, information and knowledge. Value measurement.

·        Data, information and knowledge visualization. Infographics.

·        Integration of structured and unstructured data. Content analytics.

Focus of the Current Research

      ·   Economic evaluation using Return on Investment (ROI) in health care.

      ·   Health economic evaluation: definition, methods, influence on decision-making.

      ·   Return on investment (ROI) taxonomy and applications.

      ·   Evaluating accuracies (or errors) of ROI models.

      ·   Information and data management system performance measurement framework.

      ·   Software tools for Monte Carlo simulation.

      ·   Grey methodology (analysis, systems, forecasting) and its applications.